Phillips Precision: ISO9001:2015 Certified!
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• Customer oriented and highly skilled team.
• Modern, tech-savvy company with longevity.
• Continuous improvement are words we live by.
• Actively encourage careers in manufacturing.
• Ethical, eco-conscious, and community involved.

• Free consultation saves customers thousands.
• Visualize us as a part of your production team.
• Work with a sketch on a napkin to solid models.
• Highly efficient with Lean Manufacturing principles.
• Efficient work management software.

• 500mm CNC Horizontal Mill.
• 3D ABS Prototype Printing.
• Full mill, lathe, and secondary services.
• Prototypes and short-run production.
• Material from plastic to titanium.
• Laser marking, CMM inspection services.
• Inventory and assembly.

Phillips Precision, Inc.

Testimonial from Kevin Smith, MassMEP
on Phillips Precision and Inspection Arsenal
Todays Advanced Manufacturing in
Central Massachusetts
Edgefactor Video featuring Nikki Smith,
Quality Inspector at Phillips Precision, Inc.

Phillips Precision Inc. services a wide range of industries including:
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