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Machine Shop Services and Talent to Meet Your Needs

Design for Manufacture Consulting
Phillips Precision Inc. consults with engineers and product designers to improve designs for manufacture. Many times parts are designed with tighter tolerances than are necessary or with sharp inside corners, for example, that significantly increase machine time. Suggested design changes – even subtle ones – save our customers thousands of dollars in production costs.

Tolerance and inspection
Your parts can be produced in any material – from plastic to titanium! Models can be produced well within +/- .002 with walls as thin as .015. We inspect your parts with a new CMM with easy reporting software.

Machine building and inventory management
Parts are machined, plated, hardware procured, and machines are assembled and shipped to any destination. Through our shop management software and the use of kanban systems, we can manage your parts inventory.

NFL fans know the Bose® headsets worn by Patriots coach Bill Belichick. Some of the small, complex components were rushed through our CNC milling department. Radar components, surveillance cameras, and on a grander scale, large transducer machines are manufactured here. Alternative energy and robotics companies are also customers of ours.

Food and Beverage
If you’ve ever eaten a Table Talk® pie, you’ve experienced our handy work. Most crimping dies have been machined by Phillips Precision. The sharp cutting dies for Taco Bell(r) meat, the nozzles on beer taps, and the grinding dies for the corn used in Doritos(r) are just a few familiar food and beverage projects.

Paper and Printing
Dies to cut the windows and flaps of most envelopes you use were produced here. Several of the components to the largest digital printers – ones large enough to print vibrant billboards – were also made at Phillips Precision.

Auto Racing
Nascar® fans may recognize LFR Chassis and Draco Racing components. Phillips Precision manufactures a large percentage of their machineable components. Door latches and other cab components are produced for Curtis Tractor Cab and parts to Foley Marine and Industrial engines.



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